F&F Episode 1 Picks

On our first episode of Flags and Fouls, we found 5 NBA games from January 7th-January 20th and picked our winners (all times CST):

76ers @ Nets: Thursday, 1/7, Completed

Heat @ Celtics: Sunday, 1/10, Postponed

Lakers @ Rockets: Tuesday, 1/12, Completed

Mavericks @ Bucks: Friday, 1/15, Completed

Suns @ Rockets: Wednesday, 1/20, Completed

Listen to the episode here or wherever you get your podcasts to see what our picks were.

As the games are completed, we will update the standings.

Nets (J) def. 76ers (N,S,H) 122-109

Heat @ Celtics PPD

Lakers (N,S,H) def. Rockets (J) 117-100

Bucks (N,S) def. Mavericks (J,H) 112-109

Suns (N,H) def. Rockets (S,J) 109-103


1. Nathan, 3-1-1

2. Sean, 2-2-1

2. Homero, 2-2-1

4. Jose, 1-3-1

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