It’s over. Homero and Nathan tied for the win. Scroll down for the details of the tiebreaker that didn’t break the tie.

The season ends in just 14 days! We were going to post an episode with the game picks, but college finals are, well, interesting to say the least. So, here are our final 10 NBA Game Picks for Season 1! Make sure you stay up to date on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with what we do for the NBA Playoffs!

Nuggets (H) @ Clippers (N,J,S) – Saturday, 5/1, Completed

Trail Blazers (H,N) @ Celtics (J,S) – Sunday, 5/2, 6:30, NBATV, Completed

Warriors (N,J) @ Pelicans (H,S) – Monday, 5/3, 6:30, ESPN & ESPN2 (Marvel-Themed), Completed

Nets (H,J) @ Bucks (N,S) – Tuesday, 5/4, 6:30, TNT, Completed

Knicks (J,S) @ Nuggets (H,N) – Wednesday, 5/5, 8:00, LP, Completed

Nets (H,S) @ Mavericks (N,J) – Thursday, 5/6, 6:30, TNT, Completed

Lakers (S) @ Clippers (H,N,J) – Thursday, 5/6, 9:00, TNT, Completed

Wizards (H,N,J) @ Pacers (S) – Saturday, 5/8, 6:00, NBATV, Completed

Heat (H,N) @ Celtics (J,S) – Sunday, 5/9, 12:00, ESPN, Completed

Hornets (N,J) @ Knicks (H,S) – Saturday, 5/15, TBD

***We will update the standings as games are completed.***

Nuggets (H) def. Clippers (N,J,S) 110-104

Trail Blazzers (H,N) def. Celtics (J,S) 129-119

Warriors (N,J) def. Pelicans (H,S) 123-108

Bucks (N,S) def. Nets (H,J) 124-118

Nuggets (H,N) def. Knicks (J,S) 113-97

Mavericks (N,J) def. Nets (H,S) 113-109

Clippers (H,N,J) def. Lakers (S) 118-94

Wizards (H,N,J) def. Pacers (S) 133-132

Heat (H,N) def. Celtics (J,S) 130-124

Knicks (H,S) def. Hornets (N,J) 118-109

W-L-PPD TotalW-L Ep. 9

1. Homero, 28-19-1, 7-3

1. Nathan, 28-19-1, 8-2

3. Jose, 23-24-1, 4-6

4. Sean, 15-32-1, 2-8

So…we decided to break the tie by picking every game on the 16th. The ultimate problem…only two games were picked differently. Of the games both picked the same, Homero and Nathan went 10-3. Here are the two differences:

Pacers (H) def. Raptors (N) 125-113

Trail Blazers (N) def. Nuggets (H) 132-116

Homero and Nathan are co-champions!

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