F&F S2 E14 NBA Game Picks

Homero has slipped out of the lead, one game back, and Sean has taken over! The NBA trade deadline has passed with WILD trades, and we covered some (but not all, some were out of left field) on E14 with our guest, Collin Lee, who has also contributed some picks of his own.

Flags and Fouls
Flags and Fouls
S2 E14 – Collin Lee and a Super Bowl Preview In There, Somewhere
Bucks (N,H) @ Suns (S,J,C)Thu. 2/109:00TNT
Nuggets (N,H,C) @ Celtics (S,J)Fri. 2/116:30NBATV
Timberwolves (H,C) @ Bulls (N,S,J) Fri. 2/117:00NBALP
Pacers (N,S,C) @ Cavaliers (J,H)Sat. 2/126:30NBALP
Nets (N,S) @ Knicks (J,H,C)Wed. 2/166:30ESPN
We will update the results below as games are completed.

Raptors (N,S,J) def. Hawks (H) 125-114


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