S2 E14 – Collin Lee and a Super Bowl Preview In There, Somewhere

Flags and Fouls
Flags and Fouls
S2 E14 - Collin Lee and a Super Bowl Preview In There, Somewhere

We bring on KTXT Sports Reporter Collin Lee to talk about…basically nothing important. We start with the Pro Bowl but even that is a conversation that turns into the meaning of palo duro and other things, Super Bowl analysis (20:30), the Brian Flores lawsuit against the NFL (25:35) which also turns into things like Django Unchained and Quentin Tarantino movies. In the second half, we start with random talk about Damian Lillard, Jose’s “(insert player) should go to Dallas” thoughts, and other NBA related topics (40:55). We finally talk about some NBA trades and possibilities as the deadline approaches (59:11) and give quick Super Bowl picks (1:16:52).

NFL Playoff Brackets (for giggles) and NBA Game Picks

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The Right Time with Bomani Jones (ESPN): Foxworth Friday: Breaking down the Brian Flores Situation

2022 NBA trade deadline: Live updates and rumors involving James Harden, Ben Simmons, others ahead of Feb. 10 (CBS Sports)


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