F&F S2 E9/10^2 NBA Game Picks

New year, new format! We’ve switched to the Gutenberg WordPress editor and slightly changed the layout, but we’re not changing how we do game picks.

It may be our final NFL game picks of the season (tmrw), but we have a long way to go on the NBA side!

Lee3 Pods
Lee3 Pods
F&F S2 E9/10^2 NBA Game Picks
Timberwolves (S,J,H) @ Thunder (N)Fri. 1/77:00NBALP
Hawks (S,J) @ Lakers (N,H)Fri. 1/79:00ESPN
Warriors (S,H) @ Grizzlies (N,J)Tue. 1/117:00NBATV
Mavericks (N,S,J,H) @ KnicksWed. 1/126:30ESPN
Nets (N,S) @ Bulls (J,H)Wed 1/129:00ESPN
We will update the results below as games are completed.

Timberwolves (S,J,H) def. Thunder (N) 135-105

Lakers (N,H) def. Hawks (S,J) 134-118

Grizzlies (N,J) def. Warriors (S,H) 116-108

Knicks def. Mavericks (N,S,J,H) 108-85

Nets (N,S) def. Bulls (J,H) 138-112


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