F&F S2 FINAL NFL Game Picks

The final NFL game picks of the season, and we think we know the winner, but let’s follow anyway. Lots of things to decide in the playoff picture in the inaugural Week 18! Be on the lookout for our first episode of 2022!

UPDATE: Congrats to Jose, and…why Raiders, why? Why Chargers? WHY DID YOU TEMPT US JUST TO TAKE IT AWAY?

Flags and Fouls
Flags and Fouls
S2 ESpecial – Throw a Flag with Da’Ron Payne and the Music City Bowl, Plus Who Should the NFL OPOY Be?
Week 18DateTimeTV
Chiefs (N,S,J,H) @ BroncosSat. 1/87:00ABC/ESPN
Cowboys (N,J,H) @ Eagles (S) Sat. 1/89:00ABC/ESPN
Titans (N,J,H) @ Texans (S)Sun. 1/97:00CBS
49ers (N,J) @ Rams (S,H)Sun. 1/93:25Fox
Seahawks (S,J) @ Cardinals (N,H)Sun. 1/93:25Fox
Saints (N,S,J,H) @ FalconsSun. 1/93:25Fox
Chargers (N,S,H) @ Raiders (J)Sun. 1/97:20NBC
We will update the results below as games are completed.

Chiefs (N,S,J,H) def. Broncos 28-24

Cowboys (N,J,H) def. Eagles (S) 51-26

Titans (N,J,H) def. Texans (S) 28-25

49ers (N,J) def. Rams (S,H) 27-24/OT

Seahawks (S,J) def. Cardinals (N,H) 38-30

Saints (N,S,J,H) def. Falcons 30-20

Raiders (J) def. Chargers (N,S,H) 35-32/OT😪


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