F&F S2 E10 NBA Game Picks

We started 2022 off with a good episode, and we’ve got the NBA picks back. They were made before games started, we swear.

Happy Martin Luther King Day on Monday, everyone!

Flags and Fouls
Flags and Fouls
S2 E10 – 2021 NFL Most Wasted Player of the Year, NFL Playoffs and Awards
Celtics (N,S,J) @ 76ers (H)Fri. 1/146:00NBALP
Clippers (H) @ Spurs (N,S,J)Sat. 1/157:30NBALP
Hornets (N,J,H) @ Knicks (S)Mon. 1/1712:00NBATV
Bulls (J) @ Grizzlies (N,S,H)Mon. 1/172:30TNT
Bucks (N,S,J,H) @ HawksMon. 1/175:00TNT
Jazz (S,J,H) @ Lakers (N)Mon. 1/179:30NBATV
Suns (N,S) @ Mavericks (J,H)Thu. 1/206:30TNT
We will update the results below as games are completed.

76ers (H) def. Celtics (N,S,J) 111-99

Spurs (N,S,J) def. Clippers (H) 101-94

Hornets (N,J,H) def. Knicks (S) 97-87

Grizzlies (N,S,H) def. Bulls (J) 119-106

Hawks def. Bucks (N,S,J,H) 121-114

Lakers (N) def. Jazz (S,J,H) 101-95

Suns (N,S) def. Mavericks (J,H) 109-101


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