F&F S2 NFL Playoff Brackets

UPDATE: Sean won on Jan. 22 when the 49ers defeated the Packers. Since then, the Chiefs lost the AFC Championship and the 49ers lost the NFC Championship, but he still definitely wins, while the others tied for second in what were some rough brackets.

We got the brackets done just in time for the first game, but none of us wanted to look at the points. We got all the first round games right…except that 49ers-Cowboys game made most of us mad, but anyway, here are the brackets after each round of games. Everybody is (somehow) still alive.

So now after the Wild Card round…rip Nathan and Jose, but not fully!

Welp. That was fast.

Sean finally lost one when the Buccaneers lost to the Rams, and it did give Jose 1.5, but the rest got one back (and Sean’s SB pick hopes are still alive) after the thriller in Kansas City.

Now after Cincinnati beat Kansas City in overtime and Los Angeles beat San Francisco, we now know the full results and that none of us can pick a Super Bowl winner.

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