F&F S2 E11 NBA Game Picks

Jose found Peter Parker, we have four more picks, and we’re shifting the period back to ending on Wednesday.

Flags and Fouls
Flags and Fouls
S2 E11 – We Found Peter Parker, But We’re Still Looking for Good NFL Playoff Games
Bulls @ Bucks (N,S,J,H)Fri. 1/217:00ESPN
Hornets (J,H) @ Raptors (N,S)Tue. 1/256:00NBALP
Mavericks (J) @ Warriors (N,S,H)Tue. 1/259:00TNT
Suns (N,S,H) @ Jazz (J)Wed. 1/269:00ESPN
We will update the results below as games are completed.

Bucks (N,S,J,H) def. Bulls 94-90

Raptors (N,S) def. Hornets (J,H) 125-113

Warriors (N,S,H) def. Mavericks (J) 130-92

Suns (N,S,H) def. Jazz (J) 105-97


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